The Precious Art Initiative: Empowering Africa’s Next Generation

by | May 31, 2024 | Education, ShiftHappens

Location: NIGERIA

Beneficiaries: Secondary Schools and University Students

The Project

Started by Toluwalope Inioluwa Adesina, the Precious Art Initiative’s Gen-Z Teen Leadership Program is fostering the growth of community-focused young leaders across Africa. Last year, the initiative shone its spotlight on empowering Nigerian youth through an intensive 6-week leadership course tailored for secondary school students.

The program unfolded in two dynamic phases: an accessible online course for university students spanning Africa and an engaging in-person session in Ibadan, Nigeria. In the digital realm, university attendees immersed themselves in a 6-week leadership training, culminating in hands-on projects aimed at solving real-world community problems. Meanwhile, in Ibadan, secondary students embarked on a parallel journey, diving deep into leadership principles, sustainable development goals, emotional intelligence, and design thinking. Their newfound knowledge and skills were put to the test as they too developed and executed solutions to enhance their school environments.

Through these powerful engagements, the Precious Art Initiative nurtures a generation of young leaders equipped to drive positive change within their communities.


The Impact of the Seed Grant

A transformative TPP grant catapulted the initiative’s reach, enhancing its digital footprint across seven African nations. This strategic investment in digital marketing not only diversified the online program’s cohort but also secured essential funding for participant projects and provided much-needed resources for facilitators. The project impacted 130 people.

On the ground in Ibadan, the grant’s impact was palpable, furnishing each participant with playbooks and essential stationery to bring their ideas to life. As these young minds explored the depths of leadership beyond traditional roles, they developed critical thinking skills and embraced their potential as community problem-solvers. Their transformation into proactive, responsible leaders marked a significant milestone in their personal development, setting the stage for a lasting legacy of leadership.


I am grateful to TPP for taking a chance on me and my dreams. With the funds, I saw how we can make Africa better again. I saw that the younger generation is capable of rewriting the story in Africa and this was only possible because TPP believed in my dream of changing the world, one changemaker at a time.


The Future

Looking ahead, the Precious Art Initiative is poised to deepen its impact. Plans are underway to forge a robust alumni network, creating a vibrant platform for ongoing collaboration and opportunity sharing among these young changemakers. Moreover, the initiative is set to expand its geographical footprint, launching physical programs across more African countries to empower an even broader youth demographic.

In its relentless pursuit of excellence, the initiative remains committed to refining its curriculum and methodologies. This ongoing evolution aims to mold participants into holistic changemakers, capable of effective leadership and meaningful community engagement. Through continuous innovation, the Precious Art Initiative aspires to leave an indelible mark on the African continent.

Toluwalope Inioluwa Adesina

A law graduate from Lead City University in Ibadan and the second of three children, Toluwalope lives her life guided by the profound belief that everyone has a unique purpose. Her personal mission is to catalyze the next generation of leaders in Africa, inspiring them to take active roles in shaping a brighter future for their continent.

With a lifelong passion for youth leadership and empowerment, Toluwalope has immersed herself in learning and leading from a young age. Her dedication has been recognized on platforms like the Generation Change Fellowship and the prestigious Ashoka Young Changemakers Fellowship.

I believe that the youth are the future of Africa. Teaching teenagers and young people that leadership is a responsibility to create change, not merely a position, will transform their perspectives on life, their communities, and Africa as a whole.


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