Tessa Graham – Animal Advocacy Coordinator

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Staff

Tessa’s personal mission to work toward the eradication of factory farming has shaped her choices over the last decade. Tessa’s dedication to this mission began when she adopted a vegan lifestyle. This lifestyle introduced her to an expanded perspective of health and interconnectivity.

Tessa found her way into the synergistic field of public health and nutrition where she was able to support people in improving their health through encouraging awareness of our food system and making choices not only good for personal health, but good for our environment and animal welfare.

The research and community experience she gained from this work has strengthened Tessa’s ability to support her mission and the mission of others. Tessa has joined TPP with this background in tow as a stronger advocate for animals and with tools to support communities around the world as they work toward positive social change.


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