Statement of Solidarity with Asian American Communities

by | Mar 19, 2021 | ShiftHappens

Our country has faced multiple crises in the past year as the world grapples with a global pandemic, economic uncertainty and racial injustice. For our Asian community, particularly Asian women here in America, the challenges have been far greater with an ever-increasing threat of violence, intolerance and racism. 

The tragic murder of eight people in Atlanta, including six women of Asian heritage, once again shows us the horrible face of racism, hate and division in the United States. At a time when we must come together to overcome multiple challenges we face, yet another act of senseless violence and terror shows us how broken our society is and how far we still have to go. 

At The Pollination Project, we grieve with all of you and particularly with the victims, their families and the entire Asian American community. 

As an organization, we are committed to creating a more compassionate world for all by continuing to support diverse projects, including those that advance racial equity and empower women and girls to be leaders in their communities. 

We recognize that the world is better, not when we are all the same, but because we are all unique; it’s better not when we are driven by hate, but when we are moved by love; it’s better not when we strive to divide, but when we seek opportunities to unite. 

We believe in people, we believe in you and we believe that all of us can create a world we can be proud of by uniting together. 

I join you all with a shared heart, which is broken today, but will stand against hate and stand with love.




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