Polifacética: the Spanish voice of conscious activism

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Heartivist Of The Week

Poli Sotomayor is a Mexican activist, social media influencer, singer, writer and member of our global family of grassroots volunteer leaders. We first met Poli and learned of her project, Polifacética, in 2017.

When Tessa Graham, then our Animal Advocacy Coordinator first spoke to Poli, she was “immediately in awe of her complete dedication.”

“She had walked away from a successful life to step into another that was fully mission driven and headed towards maximum impact for animals,” says Tessa. “I’m grateful to continue to learn from her selfless ambition and wisdom.”

Polifacética creates videos and other content that creates awareness around animal rights, health, empathy and daily activism. The goal is to help grow consciousness while living a happy and inspiring life with eco-friendly DIY (do-it-yourself) practices that are within the reach of everyday people.

“Being an activist is never easy and we often find ourselves facing painful issues and so much anger. We must be kind to ourselves and to others. Kindness and grace open many doors in the hearts of those who care,” Poli shares.

In a world where the consumption of animals and resources has grown exponentially, we are witnessing the emergence of local leaders, like Poli, who are moving in a different direction, inspiring people to think of their choices in the context of an interconnected world. Polifacética is a Spanish term that means “someone who has many faces”, “someone who has the capacity to perform different activities”. It is a perfect metaphor for Poli: a unique individual with multiple talents, interests, and a desire to act holistically.

“Every choice we make has an impact on animals and on the planet. It’s beyond food choices; it’s lifestyle, politics, culture and social identity.  It’s about our idea of the kind of world we want to live in,” she says.

Polifacética has created more than 200 videos on different topics: health and plant-based diets for humans and animals, vegan recipes, biking, vlogging, environment, food policies, yoga, cruelty-free beauty and hygiene products, daily activism, feminism, and so much more.

Poli’s vibrant voice and fierce heart helps fill the gap in Spanish-language awareness about animal rights and vegan lifestyles, empowering and inspiring thousands of people to become everyday activists.

Poli shows us all that by making one conscious choice at a time, we can become the human beings that this beautiful world deserves.


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