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We Give Seed Grants to Social Change Leaders

We believe in the power of people. Every day, all over the world, ordinary citizens are doing extraordinary things to make their communities and their world a better place.

On January 1, 2013, we began making small grants, every single day of the year, to community change makers working on important social change issues, spreading compassion and kindness wherever they are. Some have gone on to win international awards, gain media attention, and scale their projects on a global level.

Our grantees are a testament to the unbreakable human spirit that is still alive and well all over the world.

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Today’s featured grantee


Amani Yoga Project

The Amani Yoga Project is a program within the Amani Educational Center in Eshiakula, Kenya. The Amani Educational Center is a community-based group dedicated to empowering people with disabilities and HIV. In 2011, they built the center with their own hands, and it has since become a gathering place where local children and group members practice yoga for holistic health. Since they've started practicing yoga at Amani, members have seen improvements in their mobility and in their mental, emotional, and physical health. Their [...]

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The Stories Behind the Grants

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Cultivating the Longer View by Focusing on the Present Moment

An activist’s reflections on meditationHere’s my confession: On my way to the five-day silent meditation retreat for animal activists, hosted [...]

  • selene_gonzales

Money Can Break Down Walls in Philanthropy

I am an environmentalist and Mexican-American with dual citizenship, and in 2012 I relocated back to my native Mexico. There [...]

  • Chris McGilvery

Leadership With a Listening Heart Led to My Transformation

Leadership and connecting with the community is valuable. We all have a place in our community, and it is up [...]

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