Margaret Coleman, 2014 Summer Symposium, Ewen, Upper Peninsula of Michigan

by | Apr 2, 2015 | What Does $1000 Do?

The Pollination Project was the first funding we received, as a group of five artists trying to start a new and unusual experience for creative people from across the country, and simultaneously introduce arts programming to a small economically struggling community in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

In addition to the financial practicalities that the Pollination Project grant endowed, receiving funding from the Pollination Project was validation, outside belief in what we were doing, and affirmation that we could create this dream, and make a difference.

We are so proud to be grouped with the other grantees, honored to be considered at that level of quality and commitment. We are so excited that the Pollination Project grant was just the beginning! We are going to grow, to thrive, and to explore possibilities! In the last two weeks, we found out that this year we have received another small grant from the Michigan Office of Economic Development.

Written by Carolyn Ashworth