Invest in Kindness

by | Nov 19, 2020 | ShiftHappens

We are now beginning to realize what you may have already known would be true: a political election is not a miracle cure for COVID-19, racism, poverty, or anything else.

Our deepest divisions, inequities, and suffering will not vanish magically overnight. We can’t “win” our way towards unity and healing; in fact, we never could. The very idea of “winning” means there are competing sides, that some people will lose, and that the battle is between “us” and “them.”

And so we are left to take up the real work that was there all along; the heartivist path of revolutionary kindness. Lest you think this is a passive approach, consider the strength and boldness it requires. Furthermore, what is the realistic alternative?

No political outcome will heal our world’s wounds. We have to heal them together, where we live and work, through relationships and compassion. Even when it is hard and even when we disagree, we are all each other will ever have.

At The Pollination Project, we will keep working to unleash the potential for human goodness that exists within us all. We will continue to invest in the selfless, grassroots volunteers whose projects paint a picture of compassion, concern for our neighbors, love for our environment, and care for the voiceless.

We will do this as we always have – by serving one new changemaker a day. One by one, we will invest in kindness.

You can join us.

Invest in kindness with a gift to The Pollination Project.
Invest in kindness through your own grassroots volunteer service.
Invest in kindness by changing the world from the inside out.