Mona Yadav and Purvi Yadav, Sahas

“Sahas” is a gender initiative co-founded by Mona Yadav and Purvi Yadav in June 2016. We at “Sahas” work towards knowledge building of adolescents around Gender, Sexuality and Reproductive Health through a holistic learning curriculum wherein they learn about their identity, puberty, physical body changes- development of primary and secondary sexual organs – how they are affecting them and people around them, breaking the taboos around menstruation, social and psychological aspects about growing up by engaging in a space where boys and girls can talk openly about the various aspects of adolescence. We work towards developing informed and aware adolescents who know what is happening to them with respect to physical, psychological and social changes to prevent the experiences of child sexual abuse and are empowered enough to challenge gender based violence in their life. This project envisions for working with parents to train them to have the “language” to talk about Gender and Sexuality with their children and provide safe sharing space for their children at home.