Mona Yadav and Purvi Yadav – Sahas Foundation

Grantee Name: Mona Yadav and Purvi Yadav
Project Name: Sahas Foundation
Grant Location: New Delhi, INDIA

Project Description: Sahas Foundation aims to provide knowledge building for adolescents on the issues of gender, sexuality and reproductive health. This project helps to resolve the gap in the existing education system, where there are no safe spaces for children to ask questions about their lives, have difficult conversations on tabooed issues such as periods, sex, child sexual abuse and gender issues.

The project builds the children’s capacity to challenge experiences of gender-based violence in the form of child sexual abuse. The project works intentionally to create a world free from gender-based violence. Through this project, a problem solving approach will challenge the growing gender-based violence to shift the gendered mindset to bring a bigger change in India.