Jennifer Krottinger, Las Sartenejeñas Cooperative

In the Sarteneja Village in Corozal District, Belize, 80% of the village’s income comes from the fishing industry. As a result, the reefs have been over-fished, and this source of income has declined.  Traditionally, men provide for the households, and with the recent turn of events, women have stepped into roles like entrepreneurship, helping make ends meet.

Las Sartenejeñas Cooperative is a women-owned, operated, and led cooperative that provides a community resource to help develop new and sustainable means of income for this village, hopefully for generations to come. Within less than six months of the initial project start, the group was awarded the Charlotte Daniel Champions of Change Award, through World Connect, out of approximately 1,000 projects worldwide.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, Jennifer Krottinger, has been instrumental in helping this group achieve their goals of forming an effective women’s group, bringing women together to engage and actively participate in learning traditional sewing and handicrafts techniques for preservation of tradition, and to create positive and sustainable economic development for women. “I am happy to say we have broken barriers, and are trailblazing progress in this community.” says Jennifer, “It’s a slow process, and we are taking our time, moving at a steadfast rate, in building a structurally sound foundation to last for generations.”

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used for travel and outreach materials.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  October 12, 2014