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Harry Behrens, Impact Harvest

Date grant awarded: 1/29/2017

Harry Behrens is the Founder of Impact Harvest, a non- profit grass roots organization that grows fruits and vegetables and gives 100% of its harvest to families in need throughout Atlantic and Cumberland Counties in NJ. We have a group of nearly 100 volunteers who donate their time to sow seeds, plant crops, water, weed, harvest, and deliver produce weekly. Cumberland County NJ is among the poorest counties in NJ.

Many families are food insecure and unable to feed their families nutritious meals. They make just enough financially to disqualify them for government assistance, but not nearly enough to feed their family appropriately. Impact Harvest fills that gap by providing a box of fresh pesticide free produce to those families weekly throughout the growing season. Every family deserves to have access to healthy food options. Impact Harvest and its volunteers make it their mission to help as many as they can.

In the 7 years we have been growing produce, we have expanded from one small garden plot to 2 small farms, and several community garden sites that serve our community in need.

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