Elle Morgan, The Elements of New Life Scripts

Elle has an interesting range of experience as a counselor at a Wilderness Center for adjudicated youth, a teacher of an arts/career learning center in the inner city, and a writer—newspaper reporter, feature writer, and currently a health writer.  Her project, The Elements of New Life Scripts, is a theatre and nature program that helps people change through an immersion in nature and access to the arts, while sorting through life’s crossroads and decisions. Specifically designed for “people in transition such as adjudicated youth; cancer patients, people transitioning from prison; and people starting “encore careers.” The setting is an outdoor theatre on 36 acres of forest and fields, where sustainable, conservation, permaculture practices are in operation and open for participation. Healthy plant based eating choices will be explored. Healthy exercise, meditation and yoga practices will be taught.

Elle will pilot this program in Fall 2013 (or Spring 2014) with court appointed youth.  She will work with Penn State University students and faculty to help with supervision, and also several county court systems—who will identify the youth–and bring classes (from 5 to 10 students in a pilot) to the property over 8 consecutive weekends.  This restorative justice program will be offered as a “second chance” for youth to help them expunge their record.   TPP funds will be used to purchase supplies for youth to be able to stay overnight (tents and sleeping bags) on the property.