Christopher McGilvery, HUGS Book Share Program

Christopher McGilvery has traveled to many schools in the US and abroad, witnessing the inequality in the educational system. To help address this issue, he founded Give More HUGS (GMH), a nonprofit located in Lamesa, Texas, where volunteers give their time and talent to provide students with the tools to inspire a love for learning, reading and creativity.

Give More HUGS believes that every person has the right to have an affordable education. To date, the organization has provided school supplies and books to over 900 students in three different countries. The HUGS Book Share Program was launched in February 2013 to provide books to children who may not have their own books, and aims to help inspire and promote the love for learning, reading and creativity around the world. Students participate by writing an inspirational message in each book, and are empowered to stand up and support the fight for quality education for all.

The books provided by the HUGS Book Share Program encourage students to use their voices to help motivate other students to achieve their dreams. For example, a student at Central High School in San Angelo, Texas, stated, “This book was meant for me. The words spoke to me and I can’t wait to start reading it.”

To learn more about HUGS Book Share Program, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: February 26, 2015