Caroline Chepkorir - CarBie Natural Beauty

Caroline Chepkorir, CarBie Natural Beauty

Date grant awarded: 3/12/2017

CarBie Natural Beauty is a project founded by Caroline Chepkorir Biegon to promote the use of natural beauty products in Kenya. The project is designed to provide vulnerable campus girls from marginalized communities with alternative source of income generation through intensive relevant skills training and opportunity placements. This will further enhance their employability skills as well as empower them to create change for the future. This will be achieved by training them on business skills such as production, marketing and distribution of natural beauty care products that are safe, clean, natural (organic), free of toxic chemicals and their potential side effects.

The idea was ignited by a research which shows that 1 out of 5 of all conventional products contain chemicals that are linked to health hazards as they contain impurities and penetration enhancers. The project raises awareness among young adults about the health and financial benefits of natural beauty products while also providing income and professional training  to vulnerable young women.