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Aaron Kitchens, Bikes for Brazos

Many residents of the seven counties in Brazos Valley, Texas, a rural/unincorporated area with little infrastructure or public transportation, are unable to afford their own transportation to get them to and from work.

Community resident, Aaron Kitchens, is seeking to strengthen and empower his community through Bikes for Brazos. They provide donated bicycles to underprivileged communities in Brazos Valley, as a means of transportation to sustain their livelihood.

Bikes for Brazos will collect donated bicycles from local shops, large retailers, and the local university. Then they will repair and refurbish them, and match them with individuals in need throughout the Brazos Valley.

“It is my hope that Bikes for Brazos will help individuals gain and retain employment, so they can begin to pull themselves out of poverty.” Aaron Kitchens

GRANT AWARD DATE: December 16, 2016

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