Carin Steen Community Mural Chimachoy, Chimachoy, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

by | Aug 28, 2016 | What Does $1000 Do?

The TPP grant was the kick-off for this community mural, the biggest I’ve done so far. Once I was rewarded the grant, there was no way back and I had find the other $1500 necessary to complete the project.

The fact that I already had the TPP grant made this easier and by the end of June, fundraising was completed. This mural has literally transformed the village of Chimachoy. The grey and drab village centre is now brightly coloured and the centre of attention.

Cars stop and its drivers get out to watch or ask questions. I heard from the teachers that people from other village come to Chimachoy to see the already famous mural for themselves. The locals are proud of it, it has beautified the village and it is educational as well in the sense that it represents Maya Kaqchikel culture in many of its facets. Without the TPP grant, I’d never even considered starting such a big project!

Written by Carolyn Ashworth