What is Wrong With What We Eat? Healthy Food Heals!

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Archive

Did you ever wonder what pushes people to start a non-profit whose primary purpose is to help others? I am in awe of the change makers like our grantees at TPP. I wonder who and what gives them the strength to get started, the energy to keep going, what inspires them, what scares them.

I spoke recently with Jenny Lowrey, founder of From the Ground Up, a young non-profit organization in Chico, CA, that is about growing and sharing healthy food as well as educating about it. Jenny recently overcame a life struggle with weight (she went from 270 lbs to 130 lbs at 5.2 feet) and she feels empowered, in better control of her health and she is sharing that with others. One of Jenny’s sons suggested to her to start FTGUF after he was amazed by her change.

She is inspired by her volunteers, people’s generosity and by low income people they help who shed tears of gratitude when they get “fresh” produce “grown especially for them.” “This project is so important” says Jenny. She grew up eating junk food, canned food, potatoes out of a box but never healthy food. She wants others to avoid the health problems she continues to fight as a result of a lifetime of poor eating habits.

In less than a year, FTGUF’s volunteers have planted four large gardens that feed many people, hold weekly health classes to homeschoolers and do other local talks at different organizations.

Unfortunately “free” can only go so far. This is a volunteer run non-profit and they have expenses. Projects on hold because of luck of money are planting gardens for two vegetarian community day care centers and seven food programs/pantries. Local musicians and artists help with fund raising; a vegetable stand produces some money; and TPP gave them their first grant that supported them tremendously.
From The Ground Up Foundation is filling out a huge nutrition need in their town resulting in healthier people, a better town and happier world! FTGUF would appreciate any help such as assisting with fund-raising, grant writing for non-profits or help build an organic garden. Any kind of monetary donations are welcome! How do you feed hungry people for free? From the Ground Up!

So, if you got inspired by Jenny or someone like her, What difference in this world do you want to make? Now? If not now, When?

Written by Carolyn Ashworth