TPP Founder, Ari Nessel in the Daily Good

by | Jan 31, 2016 | News

The Pollination Project: An Interview with Ari Nessel, January 2016
“Deven: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. My name is Deven and I’m your host for our global “Awakin Call”. Welcome, and thank you for joining us today. Today, our special guest speaker is none other than Ari Nessel, and someone who really embodies to this theme of power of small-scale philanthropy. The thought that came to me when I saw this name, it’s so exciting and such a powerful theme to reflect on, but there is an analogy of drip irrigation where people cultivate amazingly green things by using drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is where, literally, the plants are fed water by drips of water. There are stories of great jubilation. When a flood of water can sometimes destroy things, small drops can do magic to cultivation — and that’s the theme of our call today.”

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Written by Carolyn Ashworth