The Pollination Project in The Chronicle of Philanthropy

by | Aug 10, 2015 | News

What a Donor Learned After Giving $1 Million, $1,000 a Day, featured in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, August 10th 2015

“On January 1, 2013, the real-estate developer Ariel Nessel started giving out $1,000 a day, mainly to individuals with big ideas for projects that wouldn’t qualify for grants from larger foundations. Since then, his foundation, called the Pollination Project, has made small grants in 57 countries for projects involving the environment, social justice, education, and community health. In late July, the organization gave out its 1,000th grant and its millionth dollar.”

“Mr. Nessel and Alissa Hauser, the foundation’s executive director, shared some of the lessons they’ve learned and their plans for the future (responses were lightly edited for brevity and clarity): Mr. Nessel: When we started off, it was hard for us to find evidence of this being done successfully. Now it’s been verified to us.”

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Written by Carolyn Ashworth