Nourishing Futures: Transforming School Feeding Programs in Kagera, Tanzania

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Health and Wholeness, ShiftHappens

Location: TANZANIA

Beneficiaries: Primary and secondary schools

The Project

A transformative initiative, driven by a powerful vision, in the heart of Kagera, Tanzania. “Strengthening Local Government systems for School Feeding Program” focuses on building the capacity of local authorities to ensure consistent and nutritious meals for students. Activities include training local government officials on program management, monitoring, and evaluation; developing robust supply chain mechanisms to source food locally; supporting local agriculture by establishing school and household gardens; and creating transparent budgeting and reporting systems. The project has fostered community engagement, ensuring that parents and local stakeholders are involved in decision-making and support the SFP. By improving local governance and accountability, the project has increased school attendance, enhanced students’ health and learning outcomes, and promoted long-term food security and economic growth in the region.

The Impact of the Seed Grant

The seed grant from The Pollination Project has been a game-changer, igniting a wave of positive change that is touching thousands of lives. With this vital support, the project has reached 500 schools, spreading awareness about the critical importance of school meals. Education initiatives have reached 5,252 households, empowering families to contribute to the school feeding program. As a result, over 13,500 children are now enjoying healthy meals at school every day. The establishment of more than 15 operational school feeding committees has further cemented the program’s foundation.

The grant has not only provided essential resources but also instilled a sense of ownership and pride within the community. Parents, teachers, and local officials are now united in their mission to nurture the next generation. This collective effort is creating a ripple effect, enhancing health and educational outcomes, and fostering a community that values and supports its children.


When I was 7 years old, my family lost one of my younger sisters due to malnutrition. Since then, I vowed to do whatever possible to end malnutrition among maternal mothers and children.


The Future

The future of this project is brimming with promise and potential, driven by a relentless commitment to sustaining and expanding its impact. Paschal Nchunda is leading the charge with unwavering dedication. The next steps are clear and ambitious.

  • Scaling up capacity-building efforts will extend training to more local government officials and school staff, equipping them with the skills needed to manage and sustain the program.
  • Strengthening supply chains will ensure a reliable flow of nutritious food, even in the face of challenges.
  • Enhancing community involvement through regular meetings, feedback sessions, and educational campaigns will deepen the community’s connection to the program.
  • Securing long-term funding from diverse sources, including government, private sector, and international donors, will be crucial for sustainability.
  • Advocating for supportive policies at regional and national levels will help institutionalize the School Feeding Program, making it a permanent part of the education system.

Paschal’s vision is clear: a Tanzania where no child goes hungry and every child has the opportunity to thrive. With continued support and collaboration, this vision is well within reach.

Paschal Nchunda

Paschal Nchunda is the founder and CEO of the Tanzania Agricultural Modernization Association (TAMA). He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Ethics and Development Studies from Uganda Martyrs University and has extensive international experience in market access for food security from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. He has also developed his skills in organization development, leadership, and communication through training with the Libre Foundation of the Netherlands. Paschal has worked with various UN systems.

When Paschal was seven years old, his family lost one of his younger sisters to malnutrition. This tragic experience fueled his lifelong commitment to ending malnutrition among mothers and children. After completing his education, he founded the nonprofit organization TAMA ( and later a social enterprise, Wakulima (, to combat malnutrition in Tanzania. These organizations are currently addressing hidden hunger and malnutrition by offering organic, gluten-free, healthier, and affordable dietary foods for mothers and children in Tanzania.


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