Michelle Long

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Board

Michelle Long is co-founder of Jubilee Gift LLC, a learning and investment platform for supporting investors and entrepreneurs in remembering the way of flow, trust, and belonging to Earth and each other — and in bringing that spirit into all financial transactions.

Jubilee Gift hosts both a network of wealth holders and wisdom keepers in transformative learning, and integrated capital funds that are focused on inviting back compassion, wisdom, and Earth’s receding life forces.

Previously she was the founding Executive Director of BALLE: Be a Localist, a North American movement of more than 125,000 local entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists. Under her 17-year tenure, she wrote the book on “Local First” campaigns, which were then enacted in every State and resulted in a major shift in public awareness for, and positive association with the “local” people and places with whom we do business. She led local networks of businesses to learn about, implement, make purchasing shifts, and change local laws that led to wide-scale changes in everything from green building to regenerative agriculture to renewable energy to initiatives for closing the racial wealth gap and democratic ownership structures.

BALLE also launched a unique North American Fellowship program dedicated to cultivating the emergence of local, equitable economies. With RSF Social Finance, BALLE created the first community capital conference in North America, created a four-year cohort of wealth holders committed to moving their investments and philanthropy from Wall Street to relationships with life in their own bio-regions, and a Community Foundation Circle with combined assets nearing $8B, with that same goal.

After an epiphany one year speaking at the SoCap conference where she realized many of the shifts she had led in this country had become so trendy that leaders were now competing over the results but not “creating” based on love – she started to focus on shifting the mindset from which this system has arisen. In recent years Michelle has sought out “wisdom keepers” of various traditions to explore the practices that bring us closer to our fundamental nature.

She joined the boards of the Pollination Project and at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. She was selected by the MIT Presencing Institute, along with Eileen Fisher and then Governor Kitzhaber, for Otto Scharmer’s first global cohort on transforming capitalism from the inside-out. She also conceived of, and invited a team to create The Well-Being in Business Lab, guiding prominent business owners, and other leaders to a deeper level of intention within themselves and their businesses.

Her work has been featured in dozens of books, local media, and national media including the NYT, the WSJ, CNN, NPR, PBS, and the Guardian. A regular keynote speaker who has been on the main-stage of all the major “new economy” events, and named one of The Purpose Economy 100 for North America.

Written by Carolyn Ashworth