Nelly Shella Tchaptcheut Yonga, D’Girls Residential Training Workshop

Nelly Shella Tchaptcheut Yonga is a youth leader working with the Rural Women Development Center (RUWDEC) a Buea based non-profit organization in Cameroon to promote youth leadership and employability through training, mentoring and community service engagement. D’Girls initiative aims to create a space where young people can acquire employable and soft skill to prompt personal and community growth.

For the past two years, Nelly has organized 2 editions of RUWDEC’s D’Girls Residential Training Workshop, an annual program that brings young people especial young women together to build their capacity and educate them on sexual health, career orientation, financial literacy, and community development and other issues of concern to youths.  This initiative specifically targets young people with particular focus on women aged 18-25 who are on the verge of defining their career paths and need inspiration in order to facilitate their smooth transition from school to the work place and integration into community.

For this year’s edition, Nelly is organizing a 3 day workshop that will bring together 20 young people, for intensive training and mentorship by young experts. Participants will acquire leadership skills, team spirit abilities, and involvement in a social action projects, gain confidence, resilience and change of mindset.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be engaged in implementation of community/ social action projects, ministerial visits and voluntary service (where participants will be accompanied and provided with support in the development and implementation of their projects). Professional Development and mentorship include focused mentorship to build employability skills surrounding CV development, interview skills, and business planning etc.

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GRANT AWARD DATE: July 21, 2015