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A Safe Haven

A significant element for creating global change is building safe havens for people to gather. Whether it is a physical space or  a digital platform, building an environment for communities to grow, learn and reclaim their well-being is essential for long term success and independence. TPP grantees are passionate [...]

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Continuous Commitment

TPP grantees portray a version of all of us that we can’t give up on. They are able to vision hold for individuals and communities who have dreams, small or grand that move the needle forward. When life is uncertain, anything is possible. It takes courage, love and consistency [...]

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Grand Visions

Being a changemaker goes beyond the successful execution of a community based project. TPP grantees are visionaries because they can authentically spread their positive perception to others. In order to reimagine the future and leave strong legacies, TPP grantees do not accept societal norms or circumstances that limit someone's [...]

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Sustain and Restore

Strengthening our connection to Earth has the ability to ignite our inner leadership, spirituality, and foster community. All around the world, TPP grantees utilize the richness of what nature has bestowed on us to transform food systems, build economic stability and save native plants from extinction. Creating solutions to [...]

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Nourishing Our Youth

Do you remember the first time you were inspired as a child? Did you have people in your life to advocate for your health, education and overall wellbeing? As children, our self confidence and life perspective is highly impressionable. TPP grantees understand the need and value to equip youth [...]

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Environmental Champions

The way TPP grantees engage with our planet is astounding and ever evolving. From organic farming, gardening, rain water harvesting and clean water initiatives, there are infinite ways to heal and develop a community. Although each project below is passionately created in a different region, all grantees are collectively [...]

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Spreading Magnificence

There are moments in life when our problems feel bigger than our wins. TPP grantees understand that the answer is not hoping the situation disappears, but to hold less faith in the problem and more appreciation in the communities that make life worth living for. This week’s TPP grantees [...]

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Existing Magnetism

TPP grantees generate change by utilizing the resources, knowledge and cultural traditions that already exist in communities around the world. They see the beauty in the land and talent within people that can be used to propel communities to new heights. Through wildlife conservation, sacred arts, and educating locals [...]

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Renewable Leadership

TPP grantees continuously demonstrate that life struggles can transform into ongoing progression when we utilize the healing powers of our planet, provide people with sustainable hygienic resources, and bring communities back to nature. From community gardens to environmentally focused educational platforms, TPP grantees equip groups and individuals with the [...]

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Knowledge Is Power

Education can be taught and received through infinite mediums. TPP grantees unite and educate their communities through art, curated trainings and basic necessities that allow others to fully follow their goals. Whether it is through literature, documentaries or thoughtful programming, TPP grantees provide an array of economic and educational [...]

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