Miriam Wambui

by | Feb 21, 1914 | Grant Advisors

TPP Grant Recipient

Miriam Wambui

Miriam is passionate about empowering unprivileged youth, especially girls from the informal settlements through information and computer technology, “ICT”. She believes that we are all equals but we don’t get the same opportunities. She says, “I am where I am today because I got a life changing opportunity that has shaped me to the person I am today.” Her vision is to give these youth an opportunity to education by facilitating ICT trainings in the informal settlements so they can be able to use the skills to get jobs or venture into entrepreneurship.

After graduating from NairoBits Trust with a Diploma in ICT, she has been privileged to work in different organizations including NairoBits, where she currently runs the Girls in ICT project. Miriam has also initiated her own initiative, Maendeleo Mtaa, which aims to reach out to more youths through ICT. Miriam’s objective is to reduce youth unemployment, thus eradicating poverty in the informal settlements and contributing to broader social change.

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Written by Carolyn Ashworth