Steve Barr, Cartoon Classes for pediatric patients

In the past few years, Steve Barr, a professional cartoonist living in Columbus, North Carolina, has lost four people to cancer. His losses made him reexamine his priorities, and inspired him to want help others in similar situations.

Research has shown that art programs can be extremely beneficial to patients in hospitals. Steve decided to create Cartoon Classes for pediatric patients, to offer his services completely free of charge to any hospital or institution that treats pediatric patients.

“I want to bring happiness, distraction, hope and a sense of accomplishment to these young patients and their families, and help build sweet memories for them,” he said.

Steve’s project will offer Cartooning Classes for children battling difficult illnesses. He will be teaching young children in hospitals and treatment facilities how to draw cartoons using simple lines and shapes, providing them with a fun escape from the harsh realities they are facing, and helping them express the emotions they are experiencing during their treatments.

To learn more about Cartoon Classes for pediatric patients, check out their Website, Twitter and Facebook page.

Funding from the Pollination Project will be used to help with purchase of art supplies and for traveling cost and accommodations.

GRANT AWARD DATE: November 18, 2014