George Freeman

by | Dec 22, 1920 | Grant Advisors

George Reginald Freeman is a dedicated sexual health educator, feminist, researcher, circular transformation agent, and human rights defender for people marginalized and discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

He provides training, moral and technical support to African asylum seekers, undocumented immigrants, migrants and refugees including LGBTQI people in Spain, Germany, Belgium and France with their asylum process and court proceedings. In partnership with UNHCR Catalan Committee, George has been a champion and motivational speaker through the awareness-raising campaign titled “We listen to Refugees”, financed by different public administrations of the Government of Catalonia since 2014.

With support from The Pollination Project (TPP) in 2017, George published the first report in Spain titled “Unveil the Lens of Unspoken Reality” which highlights challenges and proffer recommendations currently implemented to minimize the rate of discrimination and other degrading and inhumane treatment asylum seekers, immigrants and refugees encounter.

He has worked extensively in national and international research on sexual reproductive health and human rights of LGBTQI people, youths, street children, and women’s human rights within the Mano River Union, especially in Sierra Leone.

George was the first person that spoke out publicly and actively engaged Sierra Leone Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, National AIDS Secretariat, Ministry of Health and Sanitation National AIDS Control Program ensuring that LGBTQI issues are factored in the mandate of the operational and strategic implementation plan with free access to treatment for sexual transmitted infections and condoms respectively. Regarding the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone, he has successfully advocated for LGBTQI rights which are now protected under minority rights of the commission in 2011.

He studied International Law with professional legal training on Protection of Forced Migrants under the European Convention of Human Rights at the University of Barcelona, Law School. His experience in project management includes fund raising, responsibility for managing contractual issues, information and administrative systems, implementing and monitoring LGBTI projects within Europe and Mano River Union, development and maintenance of an external grants database, vetting and negotiations of funding contracts and acting as liaison between funding agencies and institutions.

George is a proud International Human Rights Grant Advisor for The Pollination Project (TPP), board member for African LGBTI network in Spain, Honorary member of Airbnb project in Barcelona, Spain and also a Development consultant for Global Unification International.
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Written by Carolyn Ashworth