Felipe Spath

by | Mar 1, 1921 | Grant Advisors

Felipe is an anthropologist with wide experience in the hospitality industry managing companies in Colombia, Ecuador and United States. After many years in this industry, he left to find fulfillment in Asia, as he felt life was more than a supposedly successful career. He lived there for a few years with rural communities receiving teachings from traditional masters. He returned to Colombia to found  La Juanita Finca Verde

This rural transformation platform combines ancient traditions and knowledge with vanguard developments. Establishing balanced relationships with the natural, social, and cultural environment, La Juanita Finca Verde has become a social innovation referent. Various projects including  Cinético , a rural wandering cinema, ConectArte which provides education methodologies, the organization of various TEDx events at non conventional locations, are planting transformation in Colombia, to harvest well-being and peace at rural regions.
He is investigation teacher of the graduate program of Education Projects Mediated by Technologies at the University of the Sabana.

Written by Carolyn Ashworth