David Omondi

by | May 19, 2016 | Grant Advisors

David graduated with a BSc. Medical Biochemistry Degree of the University of Nairobi and returned to his community of Obunga Slum where he founded Riley Orton Foundation Org (ROF), Kenyan nonprofit supporting underprivileged girls to break the cycle of poverty by implementing sustainable education programs.

Having been raised in Obunga slum and seeing women and children struggle to survive and break free from poverty, he has always been determined to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the less privileged in his community. He started Akili Library and Information Technology center in fall of 2010, and Akili Preparatory School for Girls in Jan 2012. He has seen the growth of the library and the school over the years into a center of excellence supporting 85 underprivileged girls and adding 15 more every year as the school expands.

As the Founder/Director of Operations at ROF, he is involved in managing the Akili library and preparatory School, Akili sustainable farm, recruiting teachers, researching and writing grants, partnership development and organizing training for staff as well as coordinating volunteer activities. David received a TPP grant in support of Akili Girls for girls Digital Skills Project in 2014.

He says that he is driven by an innate desire to create sustainable change from the inside with the local community as the development experts. He has been privileged to volunteer as a grant advisor with the pollination project and is excited to continue to be part of East Africa Leadership Program and help create sustainable change in his community through his Inua Jamii Project.

David is inspired, motivated and privileged to work with TPP and fellow East Africa leaders to build his capacity to connect women and girl’s empowerment projects in his community to TPP funding, and to help local change-makers achieve their mission. David says that the Pollination Project is changing lives and he enjoys being part of that change process in his community

Written by Carolyn Ashworth