Beth Koigi

by | Mar 7, 1925 | Grant Advisors

I was born in Kiambu, Kirenga village in a family of 5 children: 3 brothers and 1 sister. Both of my parents were, and still are, farmers. Even if we didn’t have a lot, my parents believed that education is very important to everyone. After attending a local primary and secondary school, I received a government sponsorship to study community development at university. During my campus life i got to interact with many people, and I did a research in eastern Kenya on water borne diseases.

I learned that in Kenya 56% of the population do not have access to clean water, and that 80% of all diagnosed diseases are water borne. During my fourth year i started  Aqua Klean Initiative, an organization that provides the undeserved communities in Kenya with affordable filters.
In 2014 I received a grant from the Pollination Project to support my work to provide water filters to communities who do not have access to clean water. Today we supplied filters to over 500 households.

Written by Carolyn Ashworth