Alisha Golden

by | Mar 15, 1926 | Grant Advisors

Alisha Golden is the founder of Do Something Epic Agency. A lifestyle, brand strategy, marketing, and management firm for conscious people, brands, and organizations. Alisha’s passion for people, combined with her keen marketing sense and love for business, has catapulted her into a world of entrepreneurial service. She is aimed at creating lasting change by working to unify societal divisions, dis-connected business practices, and hearts and minds of people everywhere.

As the founder of Do Something Epic Agency she is bridging the gap by  helping people and brands connect to purposeful action and introducing new platforms for socially conscious brands and professionals that reach wider audiences. Alisha is forging a global revolution that has the power to help the whole world heal by broadening awareness of the power of purposeful, conscious, and healthy living.
Check out Alisha’s blog at KIND.

Written by Carolyn Ashworth