Animal Rights & Welfare Projects

Read about grantees who have received a Pollination Project grant in support of their work in the areas of animal rights and welfare.

Movimento NÃO MATE – Ver melhor (To see better)



Movimento Não Mate’s project, "Ver melhor" (to see better), is a one-minute animation video to raise awareness around animal compassion and promote plant-based eating. Movimento Não Mate or, in English, The Don’t Kill Movement is a grassroots, independent, nonprofit group that was born in São Paulo in 2009 with the [...]

Lucy Cuéllar – Working Together: Breastfeeding and Plant Based Solid Foods



Lucía Cuéllar is a biologist, educator of plant-based diets and the founder of the first vegetarian group in Monterrey, Mexico called “Vegetarianos en Monterrey.” This project entitled “Working Together: Breastfeeding and Plant-Based Solid Foods” consists of workshops that will encourage low income mothers to breast feed their newborns and avoid formula [...]

Samantha Dalaí and Nayelli Rivera – Bats In The City



Samantha Dalaí’s project, "Bats in the City" is an effort to create homes for two species of bats that are living in Monterrey, Mexico. These creatures have important ecological roles and yet have been forced to find other habitats as their natural spaces have been rapidly reduced due to city [...]

Arvind Kannan – Tamil Vegan Infotainment



Arvind Kannan is a dedicated vegan working and living in Tamil Nadu, India. The project “Tamil Vegan Infotainment” creates videos in the cities mother tongue to educate, entertain and inform Tamilians about the choice of a cruelty free lifestyle. The open-share episodes aim to raise awareness of the vegan message [...]

Jacqueline Sook-mun Lee – Tune Tung World of Animal Rights



I am an animal rights activist who wishes to promote international animal rights issues to the Chinese speaking community. Due to regulation in the People's Republic of China, there is limited access to overseas social media, therefore not many people from mainland China are able to read what is happening [...]

Oscar del Bosque Ureña Davila – Strategic advertising board in Puebla



MEDA, Ecological Movement for Animal Rights is an organization that focuses on educating the population about how many animals are killed for human consumption and believes that ignorance is the main factor behind violence against animals. MEDA’s project is to place a large advertising board off one of the major [...]

Melanie Jacobs – Rooster Redemption Barn Build



Rooster Redemption is a microsanctuary located in Center City, Minnesota, founded by Melanie and Mark Jacobs. Their mission is to create awareness about how intelligent and valuable roosters are, as individuals deserving love and respect. Roosters are viewed as one of the most "disposable" animals because they do not lay [...]

Akshat Mandloi – go Vegan Mobile App



Akshat Mandloi is a software engineer and created The Go Vegan app through his own experience of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. This innovative application will help new vegans transition with ease while also providing practicing vegans access to a larger variety of vegan products. The Go Vegan app’s data [...]

Jenna and Jessica Lee – A Film and Food

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Two vegan sisters Jenna and Jessica Lee are the hostesses of A Film and Food, whose purpose is to educate peers of high school students at Notre Dame Academy High School in Los Angeles through a screening of the documentary Cowspiracy and providing delicious vegan food for everyone to enjoy. [...]

Susan Rancourt, Into the Light Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. Website Design



Based primarily in Portola Valley, California and headed by Reneit Opperman, Into the Light Horse Rescue and Sanctuary has one mission: to rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and/or provide sanctuary to slaughter-bound horses. The project advocates for horses who come from equine feedlots, have been abandoned, neglected and/or abused. These horses, often [...]

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