Animal Rights & Welfare Projects

Read about grantees who have received a Pollination Project grant in support of their work in the areas of animal rights and welfare.

Sergio Flores Rosales, Poli Sotomayor and Luis Alberto Marmolejo – Brigada Animal México (Animal Squad México)


Brigada Animal México (Animal Squad Mexico) is a non-profit vegan collective that seeks to help animals that are endangered and/or marginalized in regions of Mexico, specifically the country side. The project has launched campaigns to help remove parasites in dogs and cats, provide food to animals in need after the [...]

Isabelle Tancioni and Silvia Neri Godoy – Vegan and Vegetarian Veterinarians Association (VEG VETS, Associação de Veterinários Veganos e Vegetarianos)


The VEG VETS - Vegan and Vegetarian Veterinarians Association is an initiative to create the first network of vegan, vegetarian and veggie-friendly veterinarians in Brazil, a country with more than 290 veterinary schools, almost 10 times as many as the US. This project connects veterinarians and students willing to oppose [...]

PLAN Por la Liberación ANimal – Imágenes del especismo


“Imágenes del especismo” is a project that creates awareness about speciesism and veganism in public open places and educational centers in Mexico City through the sharing of information via video screenings and brochures. PLAN Por la Liberación ANimal started this project advocates for non-human animals who suffer from violence and [...]

Yves Bonnardel and many other people all over the world, World Campaign for Aquatic Animals “Another Perspective on Fishes” and World Day for the End of Fishing


----------- Project Narrative: Yves Bonnardel, 51 years old, thinker and grassroots activist, engaged against many oppressions in an egalitarian and left-libertarian perspective. He has been engaged in the animalist cause for 28 years, trying to develop a political movement against speciesism, for animal equality, promoting a change of civilization for [...]

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