Animal Rights & Welfare Projects

Read about grantees who have received a Pollination Project grant in support of their work in the areas of animal rights and welfare.

Inder, Jairoop,Tina Nieri, Rohit, Tracy. – The Vegan Movement in Chandigarh


The "vegan Movement in Chandigarh" project aims to grow in leaps and bounds to take more concrete steps towards being the voice for our animals and environment. This project partners with the Vegans In Chandigarh who are dedicated to promote veganism, equality and kindness in the Chandigarh Tri-city region. Amidst [...]

Vegan 30, VegPro, GoVegan, Vegan Talk – Vegan Taiwan team building project


Along with VegPro, they have hosted many first-ever events in Taiwan including the first NARD-like animal memorial day, the first animal rights march, and the first Mr. and Ms. Vegan Taiwan Contest, as well as various vegan meet-ups and internal trainings for vegan advocates.

Francois Primeau/ Ezooterik Productions – The Age of Beasts: a film about cruelty and compassion


"The Age of Beasts: a film about cruelty and compassion" examines the paradoxes that come to light when we consider that certain species find their way to our hearts and others to our plate. This feature documentary probes the deep bond we have with our pets and highlights the work of people who are devoted to protecting animals.

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