Youth Capacity Builders – Bamenda Internally Displaced Youths Entrepreneurship Project

Date grant awarded: March 2, 2019

According to 2016 demographic surveys, the population of Cameroonian youth remains the most underemployed, at 75%, with girls being the most vulnerable. The Bamenda metropolis, where this project would be executed, has a youthful population of more than 800,000 individuals. Bamenda Internally Displaced Youths Entrepreneurship Project is an initiative that seeks to address unemployment and hunger amongst internally displaced persons (IDPs), with a focus on youth. Nkweti and his team will train and support 20 youth IDPs in the cultivation and commercialization of market gardening products.

This project addresses the problems of poverty, nutrition and unemployment amongst the 100,000+ internally displaced persons due to the Anglophone crisis. Nkweti shares, “I have a dream of always helping others grow especially transferring my skills in what I know best. The underprivileged youths who are internally displaced are simply just victims of circumstance who should be supported to have live like ordinary people. My drive lies in my love for the underprivileged and this project would be a part of my bigger dream of creating an incubation centre to train youths in their businesses in future.”