Yohani Kahungu, Norman Malatjie, Shereza Sibanda – Indigent Refugees Support Project

Founded in 2002 by a group of concerned volunteers, Group of Refugees Without Voice (GRWV) is a registered non-profit public-benefit organization that supports refugees and asylum-seekers who are unable to meet their or their families’ most basic needs. They primarily work with indigent and destitute refugees and asylum seekers who are in legal or administrative limbo, distressed or dejected, without shelter, experiencing post-traumatic stress and/or lack the means and know-how to fend for themselves.

The organization connects them to public interest lawyers, decision-makers, social services, temporary homes or shelters, therapeutic counseling services, and vocational training and sustenance opportunities. These interventions are meant to assist them to improve their living situations, get integrated in local communities, and become productive and active members of their respective local communities. The team supports all deserving refugees and asylum seekers living in Central Johannesburg, South Africa, irrespective of their race, gender, nationality, religious affiliation, country of origin and political affiliation.