one of our leadership summit in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Our Faci, Abdurahman is delivering session.

Women Leadership Development Program

The Women Empowerment program is a community platform that empowers Afghan women through their leadership learning center. The two-week learning program happens in Jalalabad, Behsood, Surkhood, and Karma districts of the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. The summit will be a life-challenging experience to both male and female students in the region, which will foster their life-long leadership potentials including but not limited to, empowering others, problem-solving, communication skills, and self-growth. Each conference aims to boost participants’ self-confidence and knowledge, while encouraging them to think of new ideas by teaching, inspiring, and supporting them through this program.

In this newest initiative, WLD, Shabnam will arrange a friendly atmosphere within the summits and put together new contents on leadership, seasons on leadership, encourage team building, and facilitate group activities to achieve their goals in a satisfactory manner. Together they will make a great positive impact in the community.