Wisconsin Doulas Association, Inc.

Wisconsin Doulas Association, Inc. – Community Based Doula Program

Doulas are proven to have better birth outcomes, fewer maternal deaths, get access to the proper mental health professionals when needed and helping build better patient experience in the hospital system. Unfortunately, at-risk populations do not have access to this type of support because it is not covered by public or private insurance. Through my work as a doula over the past decade, I’ve seen first hand the need for a community based doula program that will help
women who lack natural supports and education become empowered to be the best mothers possible. Our goal by doing so is to lower maternal and infant mortality rates, lower primary cesarean rates, Connect others to the proper resources and provide proper prenatal and postnatal support to families within the scope of professional doula support.

By working directly with crisis shelters we have identified this is a gap in services and will close that gap by providing training and services that are currently lacking and critically important to creating better outcomes for at risk mothers.

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