Community Vegetable Garden Project

Willot Joseph, Wilson Romelus – Jean-Rabel Community Vegetable Garden Project

The Jean-Rabel Community Vegetable Garden Project, located in the Northwest region of Haiti, is addressing two main issues: deforestation and food insecurity. For decades, poor farmers have cut trees down to turn into charcoal in order to make a living. As a result, large swathes of the topsoil have eroded, leading to food insecurity in the area. Since these two issues are not mutually exclusive, planting fast-growing and evergreen trees like Moringa oleifera help to restore the environment and provide food sources to the beneficiaries. Likewise, growing vegetables and beans will help increase their food staple significantly in less than three months.

The funds from The Pollination Project, Willot Joseph and his team will be able to train, and in turn support, the local population on the benefits of the plant, provide technical assistance to farmers, train on various agricultural techniques, and ultimately create a community seed bank to ensure access to necessary supplies.