Lisa Gross - West York Borough Community Garden

West York Borough Community Garden, Mayor Shawn Mauck, Network York Project – West York Borough Community Garden

Date grant awarded: 12/05/2017

The West York Borough Community Garden in York, Pennsylvania was founded by Lisa Zortman Gross in 2017 as a way to provide garden space to the urban population, transforming a large former park in the Borough into a useful and productive area of the community. The project will provide secure raised beds for Borough residents to grow fresh vegetables for themselves and food insecure families within the Borough.

An orchard, berry patch, ornamental garden and art spaces also provide sustainable opportunities to feed both body and soul. The outdoor classroom gives local schools the opportunity for hands-on lessons about the environment, agriculture, pollinators, food security and sustainability. Thanks to the support of Mayor Shawn Mauck, the Borough Council and Jennifer Fisher of The Network York Project, the Garden broke ground in April of 2017.