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Terana Boyd – Well Rounded Resources

Well Rounded Resources, WRR, is a non-profit organization that provides community residents with a professional portfolio for free. A professional portfolio includes a resume, cover letter, reference sheet, and an explanation letter if a person has a felony. WRR also provides resource referrals to clients searching for barrier removal sources such as housing, childcare, clothing, and any other resource we can provide. Well Rounded Resources was founded by Terana Boyd, a Roselawn community resident of Cincinnati, Ohio. Six years ago she was homeless and seeked out a shelter that assisted her with community resources she had not previously heard of. Since that time, she has received her Associates degree, gained stable employment, and earned a spot on her community council. Terana is now dedicated to providing and helping community residents overcome barriers to become self-sufficient. As she says, “Well Rounded Resources is a place of hope.”