Wariri Faith Mereh, Founder Top Teens

Wariri Faith Mereh, Top Teens Nigeria – The Science of Self Esteem by Top Teens Nigeria

The Science of Self-Esteem is a 2-Day educational bootcamp created by Top Teens Nigeria to address the issues of low self-esteem, teenage pregnancies, and access to STEM education among girls in Ughelli by helping girls build their self-worth. Due to societal pressure, many girls in this community grew up to subconsciously think they aren’t good compared to boys, and girls in this context seeks to validate their self-worth by engaging in unwholesome relationships. Additionally, girls in this context have increased chance of dropping out of school, and low participation in STEM.

Having spent all her adolescent years in this community, Wariri Faith Mereh has a lived experience of the negative impact of the environment and gender stereotypes on young girls. This has led to issues such as Low self-esteem, teenage pregnancies, and absenteeism from school. Furthermore, most of these girls who eventually stay in school do not go near STEM subjects because of the misconception that STEM is difficult and only boys have the capacity to succeed in this field.

The bootcamp will enable us provide mentorship for indigent girls from varying backgrounds, help empower them to have a mindset shift and see beyond their perceived inadequacies, believe in their abilities to become the best version of themselves, help them sharpen their STEM skills, sustain their passion and rediscover a sense of purpose. This will result in reduction of teenage pregnancies and increased participation in STEM.

“I believe that through our actions we can change the narrative of gender-related stereotypes and girls from marginalized backgrounds get educated because I know first-hand, the impact of education on women economic empowerment.”

The seed grant will be instrumental in funding various aspects of the program to ensure successful implementation.