Kevin one of our beneficiaries holding a banner of food insecurity during our first campaign against malnutrition around the South West region

Wake-Up Cameroon – AGROPHAN – Agriculture for Orphanages

Wake-Up Cameroon’s AGROPHAN project is an acronym for “Agriculture for Orphans”. Taking place in the southwest region of the country, the project aims to establish urban vegetable gardens in local orphanage homes, which will grow supplemental food crops for healthy and nutritious meals, helping to solve the problem of food security, malnutrition, and unemployment to unskilled youths in orphanage homes. Due to the occasional donations in our part of the world, homes are forced to choose between feeding their children a well-balanced diet, supporting their education, or employing a sufficient number of caretakers.

As a result, children in orphanage homes, especially on the African continent, feed on starch-based diets with little access to protein and other micro-nutrients, which lead to higher rates of malnutrition than the rest of their community. We want to look beyond occasional donations and ensure self-sustainable food production in local homes, which will help transform their diets and reduce their dependence on foreign donations.