Vincent Atitwa & Beatrice Makokha, Community Computer Lab

Vincent Atitwa and Beatrice Makokha believe that information and opportunity can advance through internet access. They have been working in the Munami Village of Western Kenya for years, and seek to create a Community Computer Lab, specifically to empower youth and women in the community.

Youth require computer literacy and access to an affordable internet connection in order to be competitive in employment. Only 3.6% of households in Kenya own a computer, and rural households are even less likely to have a computer. As a result, a majority of youth migrate to urban areas to access a computer and trainings.

The Community Computer Lab will train 50 youth in computer skills. It will provide entrepreneurship training and create jobs for 20 of these youth trainers, who can then provide computer literacy training for local schools and institutions. Trained individuals will be able to form social and economic networks through the internet, opening up new windows of opportunity.

Vincent explains, “The potential long-term impact of this project is creating jobs and wealth and ending the cycle of poverty for 50 youth, women, and their families.” This project will provide the needed and desired training within the Munami village, and will allow for the spread of this knowledge and power to other rural, underserved areas. In addition, community members will use the internet to gain business and farming support.

Our grant advisor, Amy Doff, identified and recommended this grant!  To learn more about the Community Computer Lab, check out their Facebook page.

Funding from the Pollination Project will be used to purchase operational expenses such as computers, equipment, and training materials.

GRANT AWARD DATE: December 4, 2014