Victor V.S. Willie, Fatu M. Kaba – Eco-Fuel Liberia Limited

Eco-Fuel Liberia Limited is a social enterprise that uses an innovative approach to problem-solving in Liberia. This approach empowers women and disadvantaged youth, and provides a clean, safe and green environment for everyone.

This enterprise addresses the issues of poor waste management and deforestation by producing an affordable and clean energy fuel that is used as an alternative to the conventional charcoal that is made from wood. In Liberia, charcoal is the main source of fuel for cooking in domestic homes and other well established businesses. Trees are cut down on daily basis to produce this product. Additionally, streets in the major towns and cities are polluted with garbages of all kinds. Eco-Fuel converts these waste into an eco-friendly product called Eco-coal that serves as alternative to the traditional charcoal.