Valerie Wangnet - ThinkKind

Valerie Wangnet, ThinkKind

With a background in education and communications, Valerie Wangnet started ThinkKind as a way of bringing humane education into Australian classrooms. For the last year, Valerie and ThinkKind have been developing and publishing free resources on the issue of animal welfare and protection in Australia to help fill the gap in Australia for humane education resources for educators.

Australia’s National Curriculum was reviewed and finalized just a few short months ago.The new curriculum includes the following general capabilities which have just been introduced: ethical behavior, sustainability and personal and social capabilityCurrently, there are no resources available to educators to adequately cover these capabilities, except ThinkKind’s. Valerie explains, “This has made a significant difference in the type of trusted resources available to Australian teachers – it’s giving more prominence to humane education (a very new concept here) and has allowed teachers to realize how easy it is to integrate humane education across various different curriculum.”

After pioneering humane education in Australia and making it easily accessible to teachers nationwide, ThinkKind is now developing a Kindness Club Kit to assist students in starting a ‘Kindness Club’ in school. The Impact Grant will be used to help cover print and distribution costs of their Kindness Club Kit and Kind Education magazines for 2015.

GRANT AWARD DATE: 2014 Impact Grant