People working in a plastic collection and recycling site

Ugonna Nwekwuru – Gedeihen Recyclers : Reward for Waste Initiative

Gedeihen Recyclers : Reward for Waste Initiative is an incentive-based recycling social enterprise engaged in transforming waste to value through recycling and empowering unemployed women and youth. Ugonna Nwekwuru and his team have adapted their recycling service to the needs of inhabitants in formal and informal settlements, thereby contributing to a better management of urban waste in Lagos, Nigeria. Their initiative gives the municipal alternate means to landfill, thereby reducing the rate at which waste is been dumped in drains, on streets. Ultimately this serves as a means of livelihood for the unemployed, especially women and youth. They help sensitize the residents on the importance of recycling in combating climate change.

Using an incentive-based approach, Gedeihen Recyclers comes onboard with a model to collect, sort, and recycle the waste, which evidently has overwhelmed the local authorities. At the same time it rewards the residents by raising their economic and living conditions since their reward is proportionate to their waste, waste is made wealth. They currently convert polythene into pellets through a contractual agreement with a recycling plant. They plan to use the proceeds to help develop a mobile application as a logical next step to further provides a touchpoint with the community.