Alice Mini-Habitable Planet Workshop

UFH – Alice Mini-Habitable Planet Workshop

UFH – Alice Mini-Habitable Planet Workshop, located in Alice, Eastern Cape province, South Africa, is an annual six-month engagement program with the secondary and high school learners. The main aim of this initiative is to inspire pupils to develop a strong affinity for STEMI: science, technology, engineering, mathematics and innovation subjects, ultimately leading to them to careers in the science field.

Wandile Emmanuel Maya, who started implementing this initiative in this area three years ago, started off by organizing a group of six university students to run the project with and over the years has been working with various groups of students which he all get them trained to become science club facilitators. Following a series of weekly engagements for a six months period, a five days long workshop, which culminates the program for the year, is hosted for the learners wherein pupils are hosted at the university of Fort Hare. The aim of the said week-long workshop is to tell the learners the amazing habitable planet narrative and what makes it special from all other planets known to date by man. This workshop is an integral part of our program as it has proven to be a paradigm shift to learners’ understanding of their planet and environment making them more aware of even their surroundings where they live.

The grant will, thus be used to fund our activities during this workshop, which vary from transportation costs, catering costs, field excursion, and communication costs as well as paying for promotional material for the learners and facilitators. Furthermore, the racial imbalance and poor performance of black students in institutions of learning in South Africa necessitated the inception and implementation of this project coupled with Wandile’s passion for education.