Agaba Geoffry: He wants to study electrical engineering/installation. At present, he is helping his mum with housework.

Tukole Art/Lights: Ssaava and Sophie – Waste Material Up-Cycling Management

Waste Material Up-Cycling Management takes place in Kampala, Uganda and addresses the issue of rehabilitating street children to be responsible citizens. We train street children’s art and craft skills to up-cycle waste materials into useful products. This work is very important to me because it helps me to fill my dream to be the life-changer of street children.

“The most important thing which I like people to know those street children are not waste children as some people take them.” I am inspired to do this work because as a street kid, I know the challenges they pass through. The seed grant from The Pollination Project is important to our work because it will help us to reduce the number of unemployed youths.