Orchestra, a metaphor of society

Trillargento – Sounds Seeds

Trillargento is a non-profit association that dreams of a society in which the study and practice of music is a right for all, an opportunity to train happier and responsible tomorrow citizens. Despite Italy having a very important musical tradition, today we are amongst the most backward European country where music is basically absent from school curriculum. The major part of music training is offered by private music schools, which excludes people who belong to the weakest classes of the society. It is scientifically and pedagogically recognized that the lack of accessible opportunities for musical education represents a lost opportunity to develop skills and fundamental abilities to grow in harmony and integrate as protagonists in the Society.

Inspired by the musical-pedagogical experience of El Sistema, conceived in Venezuela by J. A. Abreu in 1975 and then spread throughout many countries of the world – we have started some years ago in Genoa a complete music program accessible also to children and young people who live in a situation of socio-economic, cultural, psychological, emotional and educational hardship, and/or disability. Today we have an orchestra of 70 children and a choir of 18.

Sound Seeds will help us to encourage our students to remain in the orchestra in the critical transition between childhood and adolescence, setting up an Integrated Evaluation System that strengthens the sense of belonging to the project, enhances merit, promotes the leadership and establishing a virtuous circle between classmates.