Travis Hysell, The Legacy Initiative of Utah

Travis Hysell is the passionate founder of The Legacy Initiative of Utah, a group that has many large, ongoing projects. They are building a 3.8 acre community garden and an 8 acre food forest in American Fork, Utah. Their homeless outreach program has drawn much attention and is widely praised in their community. The Legacy Initiative has partnered with other local nonprofits to propose and promote the creation of an innovative transitional housing model for the homeless; and to create a new homeless services coalition. The wish of The Legacy Initiative is to break down apathy and engage local community members who wish to make a difference, but feel unable to help. By empowering and supporting their volunteer group, they have grown from a nine-member organization to over 400 individuals, and in less than two years managed to serve over 20,000 meals. Their ability to have great outcomes with minimal resources has been shown time and again.

Travis’ background of youth poverty and short time of homelessness instilled the values of compassion and sharing in him from a young age. He was raised by a single mother who worked hard and taught him that “Even when we have little, it is still important that we help those who have less.”

The Legacy Initiative of Utah hopes to be a catalyst for positive change in their region, and then spread out to other locations. They have trained multiple teams from California and Washington to duplicate their efforts, and have a trip planned to Los Angeles later on this year to work on Skid Row. They believe all people should be treated with dignity and compassion.

Grant funds will be used for educational materials and kitchen equipment. For more information check out their website, Facebook or Twitter feed.