LIFERS Program

Tiffany Kirk, City of Atlanta – LIFERS Program

The LIFERS Program is a non-profit that provides life skills training in the Atlanta Metro area. Founder, Tiffany Kirk, partners with other non-profit and government agencies, including Fulton County Juvenile Courts, to deliver a 6-part series that covers lifestyle choices, incarceration and its affects, financial empowerment, education, employment pathways, entrepreneurship, relationships, and success.

With juvenile crime on the rise in Atlanta and many other U.S. cities, it is more important now than ever to equip young men and women with the tools and resources that will ensure higher success outcomes and lower recidivism rates. My inspiration comes from seeing friends and family affected by crime; a criminal charge is a factor that places lifetime barriers on the accused. The grant received will assist with the purchase of materials for the program and other supplemental resources needed to successfully execute programming.