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Keagan Anfuso, The Grey Area

The Grey Area is a short documentary that provides insight into how stereotypical definitions of gender can affect the life of women. Specifically, it explores the life of Keagan Anfuso, a masculine female who firmly believes two things: 1) that every woman has been affected by gender stereotyping to some degree and 2) being a masculine female doesn’t mean you question your identity or want to change your body. Anfuso is not only the main subject of the film, but also serves as co-director, alongside Drew Brown, who won a student Oscar for his film Person in 2014.

Anfuso believes that women are taught from birth what it means to be a woman within the context of their environment, and that women are often pressured to wear a costume that enables them to be more accepted by society. The film dives into Keagan’s perspective of life growing up in an often oppressive environment, explores her relationship with her mother, and encourages the audience to think bigger about the meaning of gender.

Anfuso pushes the envelope, encouraging us to consider the repercussions that assumptions, judgments, and limitations, coupled with peer and family pressures, can have on individuals as they grow up. And she urges us to embrace an ever-evolving gender fluidity, within the unique context of our own lives.

Production of the Grey Area is slated for early 2016 in partnership with TigerLily Media  a full-service production company based in Jacksonville, FL.

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